Performance and Change

Orbium works with private banks and wealth managers to improve their performance by assessing and aligning their business strategy, operating model design and technology architecture. We are experts at blending management and technology consultancy and working with clients to execute change and deliver the desired outcomes. Our particular strengths are business and operational readiness and deployment planning.

Strategy and operations

The two greatest challenges facing private banks and wealth managers today are how to improve financial performance and how to stay on top of unprecedented change and disruption in the industry. Orbium helps its clients meet both.

With an approach focused on aligning strategy with operations, Orbium works with banks of all sizes to improve their operating models through process, data and organisational change. This enables banks to be more agile, grow revenues, improve efficiency and meet ever-changing demands.

On the performance side, our multi-disciplinary teams work with clients to design, modify and deliver tailored journeys, business processes and operating models that are modern, effective and efficient. Whether it’s a platform upgrade, business-process outsource or a full technology and digital transformation project, our track record is second to none.

Front-office performance

Orbium has more than 10 years’ experience of implementing and optimising front-end solutions to deliver measurable improvements in client service and frontline productivity. We implement new systems and enhance existing ones. Whether it’s catering for new regulations or adapting to the constantly changing business environment, we bring in projects on time and on budget. Core skills include pricing and data management, optimising client relationship-management processes, regulated sales journeys and ensuring suitability and good client outcomes.

Our position at the centre of a dynamic ecosystem of front-office fintech and RegTech partnerships and alliances means banks look to us to help them develop and move to the right business model, allowing them to stay up-to-date, relevant and compliant.

Change management

When it comes to change and transformation, our proven methodologies and road maps (including project governance, programme management and remediation) help drive and deliver successful, sustainable change for our clients, big or small. This means they meet their deadlines and achieve their financial, compliance and other goals.

Agile Practice

Many organisations have already established a few Agile teams, but are now struggling to scale this up in their organisation. Often traditional ways of working make Agile teams far less effective than they could be, and frustrates progress with Agile. Orbium’s Agile Practice helps companies to scale to the second and third waves of Agile, and to be prepared for the fourth wave of Digital Innovation.

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Learning solutions

We have developed an effective mix of technology-enabled self-learning and classroom-based training to support our own employees and develop their expertise and skills in key areas faster and in a more sustainable way. Similarly, we help our clients support their employees with learning and skill development in critical business tasks.

Our effective end-user training courses deliver new skills and understanding, promote behaviour change and facilitate effective learning and skill transfer. We provide a mix of off-the-shelf and bespoke training in classrooms and remotely, all designed to ensure end users know how to get the best from their systems and software.

Old or new, big or small, banks around the world value our extensive experience, accumulated knowledge and flexibility.

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