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Banking has faced significant change in the past few years and the pace shows no signs of slowing. New regulations, digitalisation and customer expectations are driving that change, meaning banks need the right offer and the right technology to remain competitive. Our multidisciplinary approach is designed to assist banks from the initial peer benchmarks through to implementing and executing new business and technology strategies. We have a proven, results-driven approach to help banks position themselves both locally and globally.

Areas of Expertise

Technology Strategy

We are experts at matching strategy to goals and business priorities. Our invaluable combination of banking knowledge and technological skills allows us to offer tailored advice to get banks where they want and need to be.

Business Intelligence

Data is a highly valuable asset for a bank. We help unlock that value. It’s about leveraging the data to get ahead of the competitors. Our proprietary tools and methodologies provide powerful insights into data, helping clients better understand customer segments, new markets, and monitor compliance.

Enterprise Architecture

Many banks today face the challenge of simplifying their complex IT systems to achieve greater business value. We help clients review their IT architecture and processes, analyse their needs, and deliver effective roadmaps for change.

We help define a streamlined target-operating model with standardised products and processes across the business. After careful analysis, blueprints that provide a clear and precise plan for implementation are created to improve delivery efficiency and retain flexibility.

Package Evaluation & Selection

Drawing on our years of experience, we have developed a framework that allows us to help clients evaluate and select the best solution to support their key value drivers.

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Set-Up of a Data Warehouse

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