Flexible Assets

Remote Delivery

Our remote delivery capabilities provide skilled resourcing options that maximise flexibility and enable efficient, cost-effective delivery. We help facilitate innovation, speed up implementation and optimise resource allocation.
With continuous pressure on margins, banks are obliged to seek alternative sourcing models.

Areas of Expertise

Offshore & Nearshore Project Delivery

Many banks face local skill shortages and inflation within their cost base, making it hard to be competitive and respond to ever-expanding project portfolios. In today’s environment successful project delivery necessitates a deep understanding of business, products, and innovative methodologies.

Orbium’s established nearshore and offshore centres in Europe and Asia have the specialised resources including knowledge, experience and a proven approach to complement on-site resources and provide flexible options that help clients to achieve more. We continually refine our delivery approach, bringing together market-leading expertise and experience to ensure that deliverables are attained without sacrificing quality.

We are able to mobilise resources and knowledge from our worldwide network to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Business As Usual (BAU) Support

Maintenance of a flagship platform can take focus away from the core business and drain resources from strategic growth. Our flexible ‘Business as Usual’ offerings seamlessly supplement our clients’ existing support structures with the necessary business and technical expertise and experience. Such collaborations make for efficient and responsive operational solutions.



Peter Gould

Associate Partner


John Tey

Senior Manager