Testing is an essential but time-sensitive activity that must be repeated with every platform release or enhancement. To optimise the process we created TestMaster, which automates functional and regression testing of the Avaloq Banking Suite.

TestMaster is the most advanced and innovative automation testing software made for Avaloq, by Avaloq experts.

Key Benefits

Testing Made Easier & Affordable

TestMaster supports multiple testing phases through continuous integration and is proven to improve efficiency, lower costs and increase operational control. Users also benefit from support for smoke testing and synthetic data generation for user acceptance testing

Simplified Release Upgrade

Test case versioning and easy synching of data to each Avaloq release simplifies ongoing maintenance. The Release Migrator Wizard allows identification of test cases affected by an Avaloq release. It compares content of API test cases against metadata extracted from new Avaloq database, listing all missing fields.

A Complete Test Campaign

TestMaster covers the vast majority of required Avaloq tests, across all modules, and allows combined user interface and back-end testing. Our extensive test case library and flexibility to test new scenarios make it possible to address a full range of situations. In addition, by separating processes from data sets, the tool is able to cover the maximum range of scenarios with the minimum number of test cases.

Comprehensive Reporting

TestMaster offers the possibility to show execution reports targeting different audiences, from dashboard to detailed step by step report, including error log extract as well as frontend print screen. These reports are available in the TestMaster client, on the TestMaster web interface or as MS Excel file or PDF file.

Key Features

Front-end testing
  • Actions performed on Avaloq Smart Client are recorded via the TestMaster GUI Spy
  • Ideal for users with little or no Avaloq technical knowledge
  • Replicates user experience as closely as possible
  • An intuitive interface allows for simple and fast test case creation
Back-end testing
  • Covers the widest range of functions with the best execution performance
  • Ideal for users with some technical knowledge and those requiring a more bespoke approach
  • Uses Avaloq Data Dictionaries
  • Retrieves test case content from each Avaloq transaction
Web testing
  • Designed for testing external web applications
  • Ideal for users with little or no Avaloq technical knowledge
  • Enables intuitive test case creation and automatic test case capturing


Training & Consultancy
  • Initial training to introduce the system and the testing automation approaches
  • Bespoke training to show how to create and manage test cases and test sets for the selected approach
  • Proof of concept option for trying out the product before purchase
  • Support in documenting test cases before automation
  • Assessment of existing test case documentation before automation
Test Case Implementation
  • Test case automation in GUI and/or DDIC modules
  • Creation of additional data variants for existing test cases
  • Development of additional product features to suit individual requirements
Support & Maintenance
  • Delivery and operational maintenance, including upgrades every six months to ensure compatibility with the latest Avaloq release
  • Delivery of the product and documentation through the Orbium Delivery Platform
  • Support before, during and after implementation


Rémy Boisson

Associate Partner