In the current landscape where markets are fast-moving and dynamic, banking systems must deliver control and security. SecurEasy is a configurable security set-up that gives banks complete control over the use of their Avaloq Banking Suite system. It is currently used by more than 85% of the Avaloq community.

SecurEasy is recognized as the standard Avaloq security application.

Key Benefits

Increased Control, Reduced Cost

All SecurEasy actions are logged and traceable to ensure better risk management and accountability, while seamless migration to future Avaloq releases and advanced security features lowers the total cost of ownership and reduces maintenance overheads by up to 50%.

Total Insight & Rapid Response

The SecurEasy intuitive interface gives efficient insight into user access rights at all times. Banks gain a consolidated view of who can perform specific activities in the system and benefit from increased productivity and speedy reaction to emergency access rights issues.

Key Features

  • Clear security management lifecycle includes a fully integrated process to manage each new Avaloq release
  • An online connection to the Avaloq database for resolving emergency issues
  • Security set-up synchronisation with automatic data reconciliation, delta analysis and flexible script generation for efficient deployment
  • Complete audit trail, ‘four-eyes check’, and easy-to-manage internal access levels
  • An extensive reporting engine with multiple templates for different types of analysis
  • Rules-based engine allows users to automate the creation and management of the security setup
  • Easy-to-use interface with customisable views, ‘drag-and-drop’ configuration options, a choice of graphical displays and management of multiple business units


Support & Maintenance
  • Delivery of the product and documentation through Orbium Delivery Platform
  • Support before, during and after implementation
  • Delivery and operational maintenance, including upgrades every six months to ensure compatibility with the latest Avaloq release
Training & Consultancy
  • Initial training to introduce the system
  • Advanced training in more complex areas such as secure change management
  • Bespoke training to suit individual client requirements
  • Proof of concept option for trying out the product before purchase
  • Audit of security set-up to ensure adequate levels of protection, performance and maintenance
  • Implementation of full security set-up
  • System configuration to match internal rules and processes, in line with best practice
  • Migration of the existing security set-up to SecurEasy
  • Customisation to match specific requests


RequestEasy is an add-on module for SecurEasy that allows business and development teams to input security requests using an intuitive web-based front end. Together with SecurEasy, it delivers a centralised, end-to-end solution for security access management, from requirement to implementation. It improves process controls, increases productivity and improves efficiency.


Rémy Boisson

Associate Partner