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Common development mistakes, lack of automation and access to sensitive data can create persistent problems during a core banking system implementation. Orcat is a product framework developed by Orbium that includes 5 different modules which help to improve the quality of customised Avaloq codes, save time during migration, and support the anonymisation of sensitive data. Orcat has been designed and developed by Avaloq specialists and is fully embedded in the Avaloq integrated development workbench called ICE.

Orcat is a framework with multiple modules that support the Avaloq banking suite, from project to application management.

Key Benefits

Robust & Flexible

Orcat covers various areas of automisation using a common framework. Its modules can be combined or used individually to accommodate each client’s specific needs. Ease-of-use is enhanced by having a choice of running separate elements or complete scenarios.

Comprehensive & Complete

Users can view, log and monitor all current jobs and the scenario can be started by an external scheduler and monitored by the Orcat user. The tool is particularly useful for data migration, allowing it to be executed overnight with emails being recorded with a complete execution report at the end.

Key Features

Anonymisation Validation Module

This module scans an Avaloq database to identify sensitive data that have not been yet anonymised. After extracting all relevant content from a database, custom filters are applied to the extracted strings to remove all records that are considered safe, leaving only those which are to be checked. A comprehensive user interface is available for reviewing the results.

Source Auditing Module

This module analyses Avaloq sources within the Avaloq ICE workbench to validate its compliance with pre-defined development standards. A set of standard coding rules is provided and can be enriched to match client standards and best practices. Results are displayed within the ICE workbench.

Release Management Module

This module is used during the integration of Avaloq ICE tasks. Once a task is installed on the integration database, the module will verify the Avaloq installation log, looking for errors and invalid sources. Tasks are then accepted or rejected and developers are notified by an email

Data Migration Module

This module is used to support Avaloq data migration projects. It covers the entire cycle of a data migration stage from extraction, transformation & conversion to the data load. The module includes all needed functionalities such as data import, execution of migration scripts, technical controls & checks etc. The execution of all these steps can be automated and monitored. Finally, a migration dashboard is available, giving a complete view of the migration results and providing a comprehensive management reporting deck.

Data Reconciliation Module

This module is used to reconciles data migrated from legacy systems to Avaloq during a migration project. It compares the content of migrated artefacts to their original values using mapping rules if necessary. The comparison can be done at any level of granularity, from global counts and checksums to single fields. A framework is provided to manage differences between the sources by the migration and the business data qualification teams.


Rémy Boisson

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