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Comprehensive and reliable data is a crucial issue in the banking sector since this forms the basis for all analyses and decisions. Moreover, advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics are opening up new areas of competitive advantage. Key to maximising opportunities is a master database – a single source of truth. This is ensured by FinCube’s financial data warehouse that collects and validates information from all banking activities. Moreover, FinCube provides advanced capabilities for data analyses.

Most successful business decisions are made using accurate, up-to-date information. As the single source of truth for all financial and risk-related data, FinCube is an essential prerequisite to fulfil requirements for making specific and strategic decisions.

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency

FinCube provides a master set of data, eliminating silos and duplication. This makes it far easier to automate much of the reporting and analysis, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Powerful Insights

FinCube makes banks more responsive to market challenges. It delivers powerful business insight, allowing banks to make smarter, data-driven decisions across departments and functions.

Key Features

Data Quality
  • Complete, quality-assured data based on automated processes
  • Continuous data improvement thanks to daily sanity checks
  • Early alerts for significant developments and any potential problems
  • Ability to store or specify individual rules ensures flexibility of response
Flexible & Agile BI Framework
  • Dashboards and rule-based analysis deliver all the relevant information for effective KPI monitoring as data is gathered
  • Different dashboards are integrated for use directly by a business unit or adapted as required
  • In situ BI tools can be used for client-specific requirements through the Business Data Access Layer
Unified Data Model
  • Data can be loaded from different source systems
  • Data sources can include systems for core banking, CMS, risk calculation or regulatory reporting, as well as files such as csv, xls, xml
  • FinCube is fully compatible with the Avaloq Banking Suite
Backdated Changes
  • Capacity to analyse backdated changes
  • Complete data history includes different parameters and all changes
  • Full access to any dataset at any point in time (all versions remain)
  • Never delete values and only upload changes if necessary (delta recognition)
  • Data sets with different parameters can be compared over time
Business Data Access Layer
  • Access to the single source of truth
  • Designed specifically for banking needs
  • Data can be drawn into dashboards, reports, business logic, reconciliation rules or ad hoc reporting
  • Easy to accommodate customer-specific business views
  • All data is assigned Dimensions (classifications and descriptions) and Facts (figures, measurements, results)
Easy Extendibility
  • Automatic integration of enhancements of source systems
  • Individual customer requirements are modelled and integrated using a specific design pattern. This can be done either by a professional service team or directly by the customer
  • The core model uses a data vault, ensuring maximum flexibility for extensions
Optimised Avaloq Data Adaptor
  • ETL based on Avaloq Data Dictionary
  • Assured compatibility thanks to own-version control for connectors
  • Updated connectors automatically receive every new version of FinCube and or/Avaloq release
  • Speedy integration
  • Implementation accommodates Batch mode (eg end of day), Near-time mode (eg on-demand) and Real-time mode based in a RESTful API
Meta Data Management (BCBS 239)
  • Data lineage means users can trace data for reports back to the original sources through the different data warehouse layers
  • Impact analysis identifies all reports affected by a change to a Business Intelligence dashboard or report
  • FinCube supports a majority of the 14 principles of BCBS 239 relating to Analysis and Reporting improvement


Peter Spanier

Associate Partner