Associate Consultant


What is your professional background?
Before I joined Orbium a year ago, I worked at a big telecommunications company in Germany for about six years. I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant there, and afterwards I chose to study computer science in a dual-education system. With these two forms of training behind me, I am able to combine business specifics with the technical aspects of our work.

What drives you in your work?
I love tackling challenging tasks because I am curious about finding the right solution and the best outcome, especially when working in a team where some unexpected ideas may arise. Gathering the widest range of ideas can lead to the best solution and bring more fun to the process of problem solving.

What is your favourite part about working at Orbium?
The best part of working at Orbium is that people care about you. You are given a lot of opportunities and challenges, but you will never be left alone.

"Flat hierarchies make it possible for my ideas to be heard and implemented."