These are exciting times for the financial industry. Evolving customer expectations and changing regulations challenges all of us in this field to keep up and stay ahead of our game. At Orbium, we believe that innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship is the key to not only survive but also to thrive in this era of massive change.

At Orbium, we have always followed an open innovation strategy. Since the very beginning, we have built our business on bold and tight partnerships that we stick by through thick and thin. When we have to take risks we do, but we never let our partners down. It is the way we see partnership, it is the way we do innovation.

Our strategy is based on an ecosystem of clients, startups, established corporations, a venture capital firm, and, obviously, the Orbium team. We have developed this ecosystem around the key areas of risk (market, credit, operational and regulatory) and data.

We bring to the table our in-depth knowledge of banking systems and processes, as well as our ability to grow successful partnerships quickly.

For startups, our help ranges from management advice to supporting and accelerating growth through our hosting their offshore development activities, giving them a lead-time advantage. For customers, the ecosystem translates into a broader range of solutions.

We are not just a regular consulting firm: we are an innovation enabler for our clients, and a growth enabler for our partners. We offer the best solutions whether we provide them directly or through our network. We cultivate all forms of partnerships from simple strategic collaborations to minority equity investments and joint ventures.

Our innovation ecosystem is successful for all those involved. If this would be of interest to you get in touch we would love to hear from you.

This strategy of collaboration has resulted in several successful new entities and joint ventures. Here are some of the latest examples:

  • FinCube
  • Indigita
  • EdgeLab
  • NetGuardians
  • MyJobCompany
  • Polytech Ventures
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