Avaloq IT Operations

This program targets banking IT professionals and introduces the concepts surrounding the ABS as well as its technical environment. We offer the following courses:

ABS Operations

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An introduction to the ABS from an IT operations’ perspective, participants get a concise overview and achieve a solid level of functional knowledge so they can take on daily and periodical operational activities in production.

It covers:

  • Introduction to Avaloq
  • Standard interfaces
  • Output management module
  • Hands-on operational exercises based on production scenarios
  • Avaloq administration application – Central Services
  • End-of-period concepts

ABS Security

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This provides an insight into the ABS from an IT security perspective. It equips participants with the operational and administrative skills they need to perform user-management and Avaloq security related activities.

This covers:

  • Avaloq introduction
  • Avaloq security concepts
  • Avaloq user management
  • Maintenance of a production security setup
  • Avaloq security-related troubleshooting

ABS Operations for Management

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This course is designed to introduce management to the ABS operations and system/IT operations.  It offers an introduction into the functional ABS banking map and gives a good overview of the typical day-to-day operation and related system and architecture of the ABS.

The course also includes the integration of third-party systems, an overview of standard interfaces, release management considerations, and an insight into system implementation process as well as the main cornerstones of system management and IT operations.

Course Concept – IT Operation Management Overview

  • This offers insights into Avaloq application management and operations from different points of view
  • We present the major Avaloq concepts and components related to application management and IT operation in an Avaloq context
  • Users learn how to run and maintain Avaloq and to assess and manage an Avaloq installation in a production environment
  • We set out the main pillars of Avaloq application management and IT operation by using examples as well as project and production experience
  • On completion, participants will know about:
    • Avaloq architecture and functionality
    • Major Avaloq concepts and components
    • Avaloq operation and maintenance

Training Content – Short Overview

  • IT and System Architecture
    • Introduction and overview
    • Typical application landscape
    • Technical overview
  • Basic Concepts and Functional Overview
    • Introduction and overview
    • Basic modules
    • Transactional module
    • Transversal modules and engines
    • Applications and desks
    • Integration and interfaces
    • Introduction and overview
    • Integration and interface examples
  • Implementation and Release Management
    • Introduction and overview
    • Release management concepts
    • Additional information
  • IT Operation and Application Management
    • Introduction and overview
    • Organisation, processes and tasks
    • IT operation and application management
    • Maintenance
    • Further important topics around operation