Fast track

Learning & Professional Development

We are devoted to developing our people’s skills. By giving them unique long-term training opportunities, we are bringing our employees to continuous improvement in their fields of expertise, which will give great benefits to the company’s growth as well as to their own careers in the long run.

We take learning and professional development seriously. Seeing training as necessary to progress, we support our people to reach their full potential by ensuring they have the essential knowledge to face challenges they might have in the future.

During their first year in the company, our people are required to attend necessary certification programs, brown bag sessions, and on-the-job trainings.

Brought by the company’s flat hierarchies, direct coaching from our management executives also guides our people to gain more professional insights to deliver quality outcomes for each person’s specific responsibilities.

Apart from the multiple opportunities for internal training, we also encourage, and sponsor, our people to take external courses to further develop their skills. While these courses do demand full commitment, we consider them to be a worthy investment, benefiting both individuals and teams in terms of career development.