Learning and Development

Learning and Professional Development

At Orbium we believe your career is your personal journey through learning and work, taken to fit in with your very own values.

From our on-boarding process to our coaching system, the career support we offer is designed to make you feel comfortable from the very beginning, and ready to progress on a clear career path.

We use a professional development framework to ensure objectives are set, progress is assessed, feedback provided and you get the recognition you deserve. You will have a clear understanding of our expectations and the progress you are making towards achieving your targets.

  • 01 On boarding

  • 02 Coaching

  • 03 Planning

  • 04 Learning

  • 05 Sharing

  • 06 Recognition

This is an important learning and development moment because it sets the stage for your career with our company. Starting with a full integration process using a variety of training methods and materials, you will be set up for success. During the first year at Orbium, you will spend between one and eight weeks learning about collaborative teamwork, Orbium’s culture of respect and how we pursue excellence. This training includes certified courses to get your technical and professional capabilities up to speed and allow you to succeed in exciting challenges.

We have a dual management structure: you will have a project manager setting your priorities and providing operational support, and at the same time a manager will be assigned to coach you on all aspects of career development on a long-term basis. Your coach will hold regular career meetings to discuss your aspirations and provide feedback and advice. They will also ensure you have the time and flexibility you need to complete learning and development activities.

With your coach’s support, you will define your professional development plan at the start of the year. You will be able to follow a range of curricula, developed to ensure that you receive integrated, coherent learning experiences that contribute towards your personal, technical and professional development. The defined curricula go up to senior management level, integrating different agile learning solutions.

Learning is how we live one of our key values: humility. You never stop learning, and every day is another opportunity to learn something new and develop our shared corporate knowledge to better help our clients.
We have a range of ways that allow us to keep learning at work which include: e-learning, knowledge sharing, internal courses, certification programmes, best-in-class external training and on-the-job training.

We believe our people are our best asset. Whatever your role, responsibilities or experience, you play an integral role in Orbium’s success by continuously improving through learning and sharing your experiences. We can all benefit from drawing upon our collective knowledge by:
• Sharing smarter to make our work easier
• Asking others for help and advice
• Sharing knowledge to help new ideas grow and develop
We also believe you build your profile through sharing your knowledge, and build your network by being seen as an expert.

Orbium is built on teamwork and cooperation. However, we also want to recognise individual success. We want you to progress on your career path through promotions, taking on new roles and responsibilities. Ultimately, you may become a manager coaching others.
We also reward individual knowledge and the ability to share it: we have Wiki Champions who are recognised individuals in their field of expertise.

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