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C-Level Survey

The Orbium Wealth Management C-Level Survey provides a view of the current and future evolution of the wealth management industry in Europe and Asia. Respondents were C-level executives from a variety of private banking and wealth management firms. The survey highlights their identification of the key current opportunities and challenges they are facing and their plans to move forward to greater success. In an uncertain and rapidly changing environment, survey participants have outlined where they see the key gaps, blind spots and game changers.

The private banking and wealth management industry is under siege, yet optimism reigns

In an industry weighed down by disruption, C-level executives acknowledge that the key to not only survive but thrive is transformation towards more balanced business models. These are characterised by a client-centric and differentiated front office, by being more agile and industrialised in both operations and technology, and by leveraging new capabilities such as digitalisation and sourcing.

Survey abstract: Meeting the evolving needs of clients towards 2020

Client Segments

Changing demographic shifts are becoming progressively more important as, for the first time, firms will be systematically be serving multiple generations and changing demographics of wealth

Client Needs

While some client needs will remain the same, such as performance and privacy, the main expected changes in needs by 2020 are:

Client Channels

Evolving the traditional face to face relationship management model towards a hybrid combination of both self-service and face to face digitally enabled models. Evolution of interactions until 2020:

Clients are demanding a digital presence. This demand has increased over the past few years and we expect that it will continue at a significant pace in the coming years.” – UK participant

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The full C-Level Survey Report will soon be available as well as our C- Level Benchmark Tool to help executives identify where banks are currently positioned and where they expect to be in the future in terms of their business and technology transformation agenda.

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